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Wednesday, January 20, 2010     Day: 26

  •  Starting Mileage: 8132
  • Ending Mileage: 8448
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 316
  • Total Miles To Date: 7823
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, up to Porcupine Mountains, Silver City, near Lake of the Clouds, down to Lake Gogebic, Bergland, Rockland, back to Lake Gogebic, and finally Ironwood.
  •  Notes: This morning it was sunny and 17 degrees outside when we left and came back home with partly cloudy and 19 degrees with the moon.  Well, the patient survived the physical this morning.  Ron and Kevin Kern from A & C Yamaha were up here checking it out this morning and then came riding with me today.  The machine looks good and physical went well.  I was eager to get on the trail with new blood breathing down my back.  I was thinking today that I am so lucky for my girls doing all of the hard work back home and I do the easy job of enjoying my riding (and talking with people).  Otherwise, I am still waiting for some more snow.  I will be the happiest man when it finally snows again (a lot of snow). 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010     Day: 25

  •  Starting Mileage: 7843
  • Ending Mileage: 8132
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 289
  • Total Miles To Date: 7507
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, travelled into WI, down to Turtle Flambeau Flowage, up & down lakes, up toward Island Lake, back over to Bessemer-MI, down to Thayer, Hartley, and did a triangle back around to Ironwood.
  •  Notes: When I got up this morning I had 3 radio interviews and then off I went.  The temps today were around 22 degrees.  I had a great day of riding 150 miles in WI and the rest in MI.  The groomers have done a really good job with the trails with the amount of snow they have to work with.  As I went into Iron County today, I was able to check out some new areas and stop and visit with some friends along the way.  I also was able to take a water trail for about 17 miles each way.  It is a mystery that there are markers on the water that mark a safe route across it.  (I completed the water trail twice today.)  Otherwise, my local Yamaha dealer is up and going to do a health physical on my Vector tomorrow morning.  I have been very lucky up to this point that I have not had any major breakdowns (only a minor wheel barrings -on 2 skid wheels).  Otherwise, I am still enjoying going out and riding each day and my body is feeling no pain. 

Monday, January 18, 2010     Day: 24

  •  Starting Mileage: 7536
  • Ending Mileage: 7843
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 307
  • Total Miles To Date: 7218
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, north to the south boundary road, Porcupine Mountains, down to Bergland, Greenland, Ontonagon, White Pine, Bergland, south boundary, back to Bessemer, and lastly Ironwood.
  •  Notes: I finally got a full 9 hours of sleep last night.  That sure felt good.  I got up and greased the wheels in the morning and off I went.  Surprisingly, I had very good trails today.  They were in much better shape and found some freshly groomed trails as well.  I am sure glad to be up here where there is more snow on the ground.  All day I had this silly song in my head, who the h… is Alice which made me keep thinking of my sisters.  Well and the fact that I was a little bit hungry out there today so I kept thinking about my 4 sisters (Doris, Alice, Helen, & Carol) and all the great food that they like to make.  Basically, I thought about all of my family (all my brothers and sisters).  Well, let me go back outside again and finish changing my oil since it has been all of 8 days again.  Talk tomorrow. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010     Day: 23  

  •  Starting Mileage: 7235
  • Ending Mileage: 7536
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 301
  • Total Miles To Date: 6911
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, Greenland, 36 mile loop, Mass City, Rousseau, Sidnaw, Kenton, Bruce Crossing, and back to Ironwood.
  •  Notes: The temp today was around 37 degrees.  The trails are getting rough – we need SNOW!  It was nice to hear from the Richmond Fire department and that you enjoyed the party.  I look forward to seeing the pictures.  My search today was trying to find good trails, but I didn’t find much.  Otherwise, I stopped and helped 2 guys on the trail.  One was having mechanical issues with the sled and I helped get them on their way in the correct direction.  The one guys father had died at the age of 56 years old and completely understood my quest for the ride. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010     Day: 22    

  •  Starting Mileage: 7003
  • Ending Mileage: 7235
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 232
  • Total Miles To Date: 6610
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, north to the south boundary road, down to Bergland, 3 lengths of Lake Gogebic, down to Thayer, and up to Wakefield, looped around, and back to Ironwood.
  •  Notes: Had to grease and do general maintenance on the sled this morning since I have put almost 2,000 miles in the last 6 days.  Took off a little after 11am for riding for the day.  I had a slow day at work and visited a lot of different people.  I stopped and had lunch with some local ‘uppers’ (the name we call the local U.P. Michigan people) on the lake that were fishing at their ice house.  I ate their lunch but declined their beverage of choice.  I heard a lot of youbetcha and local talking.  Otherwise, I also enjoyed talking with all of the other riders on the trails and local gas stations through out the day.  I took my extra loop near Ironwood tonight on the White Thunder Riders trails that were freshly groomed.  The trails had a lot of people on them but they are holding up well (the temps today were around 34 degrees in the afternoon). 

Friday, January 15, 2010     Day: 21

  •  Starting Mileage: 6710
  • Ending Mileage: 7003
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 293
  • Total Miles To Date: 6378
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, Watersmeet, Sidnaw, Twin Lakes, Greenland, and back to Ironwood.
  •  Notes: I realized today that I am starting to get a little bored riding on the same trails (don’t get me wrong -I love the area) but it would be nice to reach out to other areas as well.  We desperately need some more snow.  Thank you to all the guys who were up here for the last few days.  I really appreciate all of your support and motivation.  I was really happy when Wayne pulled out his wife’s cookies that he was hiding on me.  Also, good thing that I am smaller than Wayne since he was liking my snow pants a little too much and I thought he might run away with them.  Otherwise, I enjoyed a nice day on the trails with the temps around 30 degrees.  After my long day of work yesterday, I was still enjoying being out riding and being focused on the main purpose of this cancer run.  I also was thinking today how I am missing out on all the day to day living back at home.  I proudly serviced on the Richmond Fire & Rescue department for 24 years and will miss out on the annual get together.  Hopefully, they set out a can of grape pop and think about me.  Lastly, I want to say Happy Birthday to my grandson Tyler who turned 7 years old today and wore his Yamaha clothing to school to support me.

 Thursday, January 14, 2010     Day: 20

  •  Starting Mileage: 6260
  • Ending Mileage: 6710
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 450
  • Total Miles To Date: 6085
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, all the way to Copper Harbor for my 400+ mile day.  On the way back, I looped down to Sidnaw and circled back around to Ironwood.
  •  Notes: Well, I got up with morning around 5:45am and waited for all the old guys to wake up.  They all knew our mission for the day.  When we took off the temps were 22 degrees and topped off around 30 degrees.  As we pulled out this morning it was very foggy and a lot of haze in the air.  The first 5 people that I thought about was my mother Mary Jane, David Stang, Linus Hiltner, Jane Sheline, and Cole Ruoesala.  I dedicated my ride today to them.  I thought about how I was going to ride to the moon and back for them and all the other people withcancer.  The five guys riding withmetoday kept me on task and really pushed me to keep going.  They reminded me a lot of my mother (I truly felt as if she was with me today).  They helped me achieve my goal of being half way to the current record in 20 days.  I have finally reached the half way point for miles to get the record and it will feel like it is all down hill from here.  But never count your chickens before they hatch. God willing – good snow and staying healthy (sled and I).  Otherwise about 1/2 way up to Copper Harbor, Tony cut a corner and Jack followed.  We almost needed Dan’s Repair from Richmond to pull them out, but luckily we finally got them out.  Also, next time Cathy lets Jack use her sled it would be nice if she had electric start on it.  Well, I got to run back outside to finish up working on my sled as it is 10:30pm.  Good night and thank you mom for the great day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010     Day: 19

  •  Starting Mileage: 5935
  • Ending Mileage: 6260
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 325
  • Total Miles To Date: 5635
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, Porcupine Mountains, Merriweather, Mass City, Painesdale, Lake Roland, Greenland, Bruce Crossing, Lake Gogebic, back to Ironwood (and a stop down to see some friends at the end of the day). 
  • Notes: This morning we said goodbye to Nancy and Tanner and welcomed two new riders to join the cause (Jack and Tony).  They have all come up to support me and the cancer run.  I tried to get Tanner to stay up here with the old guys -that didn’t work.  Well, the temps today ranged from 16 degrees in the morning to 32 degrees in the afternoon.  The trails are staying in great condition.  Well, after changing the carbides yesterday, I am still waiting for Bruno to make an offer on the old set that I took off.  They are just slightly used with less than 3 weeks of riding on them. – -Anyone want a collector item?  🙂  After taking off this morning, Joe decided to check out the depth of snow on the corner – -that didn’t go so well for him.  After 2 people helped pull him out then off we went again.  Otherwise, I keep forgetting what the day of the week is.  People just keep telling me to think it is Saturday everyday, since that is when most people get to go out and ride.  That sounds like a good plan.  I want to thank all the people around me that are keeping me up beat and focused on the run.  Sometimes I need that little extra push to keep going during the day (since I am lacking some sleep).  Lastly, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am staying focused on my endeavor and am anxiously awaiting the upcoming wedding for my daughter Carrie taking place in Australia.  So within the next 60 days, I will be going from the cold temps on a sled to the beach in Australia.  I look forward to meeting everyone down-under. Heading to bed and hoping for a big day tomorrow!  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010     Day: 18

  • Starting Mileage: 5626
  • Ending Mileage: 5935
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 309
  • Total Miles To Date: 5310
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, Marenisco, up/down Lake Gogebic, Watersmeet, Hazel, Sidnaw, Mass City, and back to Ironwood.
  • Notes: The temps this morning were 15 degrees and we came back at 26 degrees.  My foolish thought for the morning was…I wonder if people can guess when I will actually reach the current record of 12,163 miles?….also Does anyone know what the record is for the most miles travelled in one day? (I would have to do it unofficially of course).  Well, the sled is running great now that it is nearing 6000 miles on it.  I put some new finger nails (new carbides) on today to go with my new shoes (sliders) that I put on last Sunday. Now I won’t look so old, tootling down the trails -being a grandpa of 6 (that includes you Sean).  Since I was also reminded by Tanner (who was in front of me today on my ’08 Vector) who is a senior in high school that I am 3 times his age, but that my old body has ridden for 18 days straight.  He thinks that is pretty amazing!  I also wanted to give a big thank you to my girls for all of their hard work with the foundation and the run. I truly have the easy job of just riding each day.  Also, to thank all the people who have stepped forward to help/support me with all of my dreams and to the wonderful people who I have met on the way (my #1 focus is still the cancer run).  Lastly, I just wanted to let everyone know that Nancy kissed a tree today, but don’t worry she didn’t leave any lipstick on it near Lake Gogebic.  We also didn’t need any of Wayne D’s Towing & Gas services today – all went well.  Except we still can’t figure out why Joe’s ‘change oil’ light keeps coming on half way through each day……2 Strokes (what else do I have to say).  🙂 

Monday, January 11, 2010     Day: 17      

  • Starting Mileage: 5348
  • Ending Mileage: 5626
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 278
  • Total Miles To Date: 5001
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, up near Porcupine Mountains on the South Boundary, down to Lake Gogebic, White Pine, Ontonagon, Greenland, Rousseau, Sidnaw, Bruce Crossing, back to Ironwood.
  • Notes: This morning the temps were 16 degrees when we headed out (Nancy, Tanner, Wayne D, Joe, Brian, & myself).  There was about a foot of nice, moist, groomed trails that we were riding on.  Tanner’s new sled busted a wire shortly after we took off; so we rented him a new one and off we went. The fresh recruitespushed me so hard today that I ran out of gas 2 miles from my return to Ironwood.  Thanks to Wayne D for borrowing me some gas to make it back.  I was pushing through the snow a little harder than I thought.  I guess I shouldn’t have passed the last 6 gas stations withmygaslight blinking at me.  I picked up the bad habit from Todd, who always tells me that we can make it to the next stop.  Also, I was thinking about my brother and wondering if he caught me any fresh fish to eat?  But I could have used his help getting the deer off of the trails since he is good at wrestling them down to the ground.  Well, I need to get some rest after I have hit 5000 miles in 17 days (with 43 days to go).   

Sunday, January 10, 2010     Day: 16

  • Starting Mileage: 5083
  • Ending Mileage: 5348
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 265
  • Total Miles To Date: 4723
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, Bessemer, north to Porcupine Mountains, Lake Gogebic, Marenisco, Watersmeet, Kenton, and back to Ironwood.
  • Notes: This morning was another late start for riding.  While Beth was inside the house cleaning and doing laundry, Vic & I had to work on the machine so that man could ride.  We worked on it for about 3 hours and finished up around 11am.  We had to grease the barrings, work on the clutches some more, changed the high-fax, and other random maintenance.  Like they say: you can only run a good horse for so long and then you have to give it a break (grease & maintenance). To your disappointment -it wasn’t I who needed the tender loving care -it was my sled.  Enjoyed the good trails and great temps between 15 and 19 degrees (with some lite snow falling after 4pm).  As we were out on the trails today, I saw a bobcat.  It didn’t even know that I was coming until I was about 100 feet away, since my Vector is so quiet.  Now I am heading back to the garage to finish changing my oil and flushing the chain case.  Also, waiting for new people arriving tonight for sledding this week with me. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with them since they are fresh and ready to ride.   

Saturday, January 9, 2010     Day: 15 

  • Starting Mileage: 4831
  • Ending Mileage: 5083
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 252
  • Total Miles To Date: 4458
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, Lake Gogebic, up to White Pine, Ontonagon, Greenland, circled up to Twin Lakes, down to Rockland, Bruces Crossing, back to Lake Gogebic, and then Ironwood.
  • Notes: Had to work on the sled again this morning (clutches, greased machine, and replaced 2 idler wheels in suspension).  Thank you Vic for helping me work on the sled while Bethsatinsidethehousecleaning (I couldn’t sweet talk her to come and clean the sled and since I couldn’t find Jimmy anywhere – I had to wash up my own sled).  Then, off we went with the temps around 9 degrees….then suddenly a bolt broke and a wheel fell off of Beth’s sled 3 miles from the start of the day.  Thanks to Cloverland Rentals, they helped get her back up and running within 30 minutes.  Thanks Wally!  Ok, now we were finally off for the day.  Vic, Beth, Brian, and I had a pleasant day of riding around and the temps were up around 12 degrees when we came back in tonight.  Otherwise, we are going to work on the sled again tomorrow morning and in the evening I will need to change the oil again.  Yes, it will have 2500 miles on the oil already in only 8 short days.  Lastly, thank you Mary for frying up some fresh fish and not sharing with your Uncle.   

Friday, January 8, 2010     Day: 14    

  • Starting Mileage: 4596
  • Ending Mileage: 4831
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 235
  • Total Miles To Date: 4206
  • Travel: Ironwood-MI, Lake Gogebic, White Pine, Ontonagon, Greenland, Mass City, Sidnaw, loop to Kenton, and back to Ironwood.
  • Notes: Well, I woke up this moring and did 4 radio interviews via the phone and choked down my last 2 raisin cookies (so hopefully my great neighbor Steph can make me some more cookies -hopefully not raisin this time).  Then, off to working on my clutches and checking fluids.  For all watching, I was not broken down this morning just disappointed that I had to work on the sled for about 2 hours so I could get back to my real job of sledding!  I was wondering…Where is Jim Kascht when you need something real clean?  I wonder if he makes house calls?  Well, when I finally took off this moringitwas13 degrees outside withafresh2 inches of snow on the ground – and lite to moderate snow kept falling all day (so the trails were a little loose).  Otherwise, I met up with Brian for sledding for the day and other friends are hopefully coming up soon as well to enjoy some snowmobiling.  Oh, Vic & Beth just arrived….maybe I can sweet talk her into cleaning the sled for me.  🙂   

Thursday, January 7, 2010     Day: 13

  • Starting Mileage: 4266
  • Ending Mileage: 4596
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 330
  • Total Miles To Date: 3971
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI down to Turtle Flambeau Flowage -WI, to Manitowish Waters, King Land O’ Lakes, back over to Watersmeet -MI, down to Iron River, back across to Florence -WI, back over to Tamarack -MI, and headed back up to Ironwood, MI.
  • Notes: Started out my morning having breakfast witha new friend that I met.  His family lost their young son about 2 years ago to cancer.  Next, had an interview withthe Globe newspaper and then finally headed out around 9:30am.  The temp was around 12 degrees withalitemistformost of the day and then turned into lite snow the last 130 miles for the day.  Stopped and visited Barry & Lisa at the Pea Patch.  It was great meeting up with you and talking to everyone.  Lastly, I thought about calling my brother, John today.  I was thinking that he needed to step up to the plate and bring my grandkids icefishingthis winter, since I will not be able to take them.  They always seemed to want to be in his ice house anyways, withallthegoodsnacks that he brings with.  Well, goodnight everyone – talk again tomorrow. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010     Day: 12

  • Starting Mileage: 3954
  • Ending Mileage: 4266
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 312
  • Total Miles To Date: 3641
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI, down to Turtle Flambeau Flowage in WI, up to Presque Isle, back over to Watersmeet, MI, Kenton, Mass City, and back to Ironwood.
  • Notes: This morning as I checked the life bood of my sled – I asked myself, who was going to break down first me or my sled?….(I hope neither!)  Oh, by the way the oil level was good.  A quick check over the sled and off to work I went.  The temp was at 12 degrees when I took off and up to 17 when I came back in for the night.  A very pleasant and relaxing day of riding.  I headed down to visit Dale & Cathy at Camp One for a quick hello.  Cathy wanted to know if we were going to put the beacon on Todd next year – if his mom thought that was ok.  Otherwise, my goal right now has been to make at least one stop to a friend each day to catch up and get a little social life into my day (even if it is only 30 minutes).  Hope you all know that I can only stop briefly to keep up with my quest, but just know that I miss talking and seeing all of you.  Lastly, today I saw some more wild turkeys and a fox.  The fox did not run along side of me like the one yesterday (that one ran for about 100 yards along the sled).  I won of course!     

Tuesday, January 5, 2010     Day: 11 

  • Starting Mileage: 3653
  • Ending Mileage: 3954
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  301    
  • Total Miles To Date: 3329
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI, rode down the railroad tracks to Watersmeet, across the border to Florence, WI, back up to Crystal Falls, over to Sidnaw, and headed back to Ironwood.
  • Notes: I was a little bit sluggish getting up this morning from yesterdays long ride and lack of sleep – but otherwise feeling pretty great!  It was wonderful riding temps with a heat wave of 19 degrees and a peak of the sun was out as well.  I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had seen the sun in the sky.  As I was taking off this morning, my head was just thinking so much about all the back end details and lots of random STUFF…..then I remembered what a wise man once told me: Don’t worry about things you can’t control because it always seems to work out on the end. Thanks, Doug Young…..  I then cleared my head and enjoyed the great calm day on the Vector sled.  Oh, I also saw a wild turkey on the trails – No, I didn’t run into it.  Lastly, I wanted to thank the wonderful people that I have all met at the gas stations throughout the U.P.  Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive of the run.  I greatly appreciate all the smiles.  Well, goodnight to everyone (I am going to try and be asleep by 10pm tonight). 

Monday, January 4, 2010     Day: 10    

  • Starting Mileage: 3242  
  • Ending Mileage: 3653
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  411    
  • Total Miles To Date: 3028
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI to Copper Harbor, circled around to Bruces Crossing and back to Ironwood.
  • Notes: As I walked outside to go to work today, it was a balmy 13 degrees and reached a high of 17 degrees.  Had some fresh snow falling and riding comfortably with my cuffs on the sled.  I wanted to thank Mike Hollermann and Vic Hemmesch for helping me set up the sled the way that I wanted it.  It rides very nice and lets me ride all these great miles in comfort.  To Jim Kaufman, I used to bet a quarter on who could get the miles correct between two locations.  I majority of the time won!  However, Jim would tell me that I cheated by cutting the corners short and finding short cuts to trim the miles down for winning.  Well, I thought of you today and how I am adding in all of those corners and not taking any shortcuts.   Lastly, I and Todd can now take Rich Hemmesch up to Copper Harbor and back in less than 365 miles for the day.  I needed to find the shortest route for him so that he doesn’t have to be whining all day about doing 400 miles.  Oh, by the way…..Now that I have put in all of these great miles over the last two days, I am in good shape to take whatever my friends throw at me when they show up to ride.  Goodnight.   


Sunday, January 3, 2010     Day: 9

  • Starting Mileage: 2930  
  • Ending Mileage: 3242
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  312    
  • Total Miles To Date: 2617
  • Travel: Ironwood, Iron River, Crystal Falls, Amsa, Sidnaw, Mass City, and back to Ironwood, MI.
  • Notes: A quick shout out to Charlie for cleaning my clutches for me.  (I was surprised you didn’t use a toothbrush to get a better cleaning – just as long as it was not mine. – Thanks!)  I was wondering if my uncle Jerry & aunt Tootie went to church early and prayed for me (also if you put an extra $20 in the bucket – I’ll pay you if you have the receipt).  Otherwise, today was a pleasant 3 degrees – very nice flat trails all to myself.  I was a trail pig, I think I may have only seen 20 people in my 312 miles for the day.  I had a little scared this morning when I rode past a Ready Mix company by Iron River – but then realized that it was a Sunday and they were closed!  Lastly, I want to say ‘hello’ to Merie (that I met at a gas station in Mass City, MI) who spoke to me about her daughter, Rachael who is battling cancer.  We wish you the best of luck and I will be thinking about you.  Well, I better hit the sack – thinking about heading up to Copper Harbor if I feel up to it tomorrow.    



 Saturday, January 2, 2010     Day: 8   

  • Starting Mileage: 2628  
  • Ending Mileage: 2930
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  302    
  • Total Miles To Date: 2305
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI to Silver City, Greenland circled up to Twin Lakes, up to Toivola, did the fedo loop to South Range, then back down to Mass City (had lunch/filled gas), then headed back to Ironwood. 
  • Notes: Today’s temp was betwwen -6 and 1 degree.  Put an extra liner and sock on my right foot – that felt much warmer today.  Also, had my leathers -which made for a pleasant ride through the lite snow that was falling. As I took off this morning, I was thinking about all of my grandkids (Zachary, Olivia, Alex, Tyler, Nicole, & my future grandson Sean watching me from Australia).  Sean is my daughter Carrie’s future step-son.  We all welcome you to the family and hope you are enjoying watching your new grandpa via the website across the world.  I also thought about my 2 angels (Jennie & Hannah Leither) who gave me almost all of their coins.  🙂  And thank you to all of the kids in Olivia’s 3rd grade class that did the Nickels for Nick.  I hope you had a rewarding Christmas and are proud of all of the work you did. Lastly, I wanted to thank Claudia McFutre(Yamaha shop in Greenland, MI) for talking to me today about your battle with cancer and how you hope to be a survivor.  To end my day, I am changing my oil tonight and found how to reset the computer on the sled for the oil change.  My good neighbor Steph is helping me get my photos off my camera, so I should have some new pictures for everyone to view soon.  Thanks Steph!    

Friday, January 1, 2010     Day: 7

  • Starting Mileage: 2312 
  • Ending Mileage: 2628
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  316    
  • Total Miles To Date: 2003
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI  over to Lake Gogebic, over to Marinesco and looped down on trail #2 to bottom of lake, back up to HoopNHollerwereBrian and I met up with Charlie, then up to Silver City via road 107, over to Ontonagon, Mass City, Rockland, Bruce Crossing, Bergland, and back to Ironwood.  Then, went on my own 35 mile loop for a memorial to honor and say a final goodbye to a good friend that passed away on Tuesday.     
  • Notes: Had 2 radio interviews, greased the sled, and checked my belt all this morning before riding for the day. Today’s temp was between 0 – 7 degrees and had lake affect snow falling all day (about another foot of snow). My right foot felt very cold all day, so I think I might put on my leather suit tomorrow to stay a bit warmer.  Well, when I took off this morning I felt like I was riding thru a tunnel of white snow, as the snow was hitting my helmet I felt like my dream job of snowmobiling had come true.  I was very sad and thinking about all the family and friends that have died of cancer and about Lawrence Dingmann who passed away on Tuesday.  I lossedaspecialfriendandknew that I was not going to be able to go back and say my final goodbyes.  So I decided that I would take a final 35 mile loop at the end of the day to honor Lawrence and remember all of our visits with one another.  I will truly miss you and will remember all of the support you had for me.  Well, good night to all and talk again tomorrow – have to head off to bed and read the manual about how to get the oil change message to go off after I change oil tomorrow.    

Thursday, December 31, 2009     Day: 6 

  • Starting Mileage: 2008  
  • Ending Mileage: 2312
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  304    
  • Total Miles To Date: 1687
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI circled over to Lake Gogebic, Kenton, Watersmeet, Mass City, and then circled back to Ironwood, MI.   
  • Notes: My daughter, Carrie that lives in Australia called to tell me that my blog is getting boring for her, so I will try to fill you in withsome more information.  🙂  The temp today was around 13 degrees.  There was 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground this morning and another 6 inches fell through the day.  We saw a lot of deer on the trails withthefreshsnowthatwas on the ground.  The 2010 Yamaha Vector sled is riding very nice with great suspensions and takes bumps well.  The new Yamaha gear is working very good also.  Otherwise, had a nice home cooked dinner that was made by: Marg (near Lake Gogebic).  Also, I have two more days of riding before I need my oil changed.  Lastly, I want to wish everyone a great New Year and thanks for all your support!   

Wednesday, December 30, 2009     Day: 5  

  • Starting Mileage: 1700  
  • Ending Mileage: 2008
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  308    
  • Total Miles To Date: 1383
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI circled over to Kenton and Twin Lakes and then over to Greenland and back to Ironwood, MI.   
  • Notes: Had a bloody noise in morning when riding.  Had to go to Hoppy’s in Kenton and have Jane help me clean/dry my helmet.  Thanks for your help!  I also helped two out of town snowmobilersthatwere unfamiliar with the lake area back to their resort. (That is why you see me riding on the lake multiple times.)  Unsure on tomorrows route.    

Tuesday, December 29, 2009     Day: 4 

  • Starting Mileage: 1405  
  • Ending Mileage: 1700
  • Daily Miles Traveled:  295    
  • Total Miles To Date: 1075
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI circled down to Iron River, MI and over to Mass City, MI and back to Ironwood, MI.   
  • Notes: Trails were good to excellent today.  Plans for tomorrow are still unknown but most likely will go NE for good trails.

Monday, December 28, 2009     Day: 3    

  • Starting Mileage: 1112   
  • Ending Mileage: 1405
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 293    
  • Total Miles To Date: 780
  • Travel: Ironwood, MI circled up to Twin Lakes, MI and then made circle back to Greenland, MI and back to Ironwood, MI.   
  • Notes: Trails were excellent except east of Twin Lakes near Baraga section of trail by Alton was not groomed.  Tomorrow planning on heading over to Iron River, MI and up to Mass City, MI and back to Ironwood, MI. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009      Day 2

  • Starting Mileage: 776   
  • Ending Mileage: 1112  
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 336    
  • Total Miles To Date: 487 
  • Travel: Richmond, MN and rode up to Ironwood, MI.   
  • Notes: Good trails the whole way up except about 15 miles near Superior, WI that the rain has melted the snow.  Encountered 2 teams of dog sleds on the trails.  Also, saw the White Thunder Riders out grooming the trails.  Overall, a great day of riding!  

Saturday, December 26, 2009     Day 1 

  • Starting Mileage: 625    
  • Ending Mileage: 776    
  • Daily Miles Traveled: 151    
  • Total Miles To Date: 151    
  • Travel: Richmond, Twilight Acres, Regal, Goatropers (Farming), Willmar, and back to Richmond.  Thank you to the 2 (now known) volunteers that rode with me to Willmar today. 
  • Notes: Thank you to the owners of RiverStation for letting us use the parking lot for the start of Snowball Cancer Challenge.  Also, a BIG thank you for everyone who showed up and/or rode with me today – for showing your support for me and our mission.  Plan to ride up to Ironwood, MI tomorrow around 8am if trails permit.        






12.16.09     Nick is up in the U.P. MI breaking in the sled.  He put on around 225 miles today making a circle from Ironwood to Twin Lakes.  Hoping to put on another 200+ miles tomorrow.  Getting excited for the start date approaching!  (December 26th)
12.17.09     Nick was able to put on another 245 miles today circling through Watersmeet, Kenton, Sidnaw, Mass City, and Rockland, MI.  The trails were fantastic!  The ride was great.   
12.20.09     Nick is back home.  He is changing oil and making final adjustments to suspensions.  Getting ready to start on Saturday, December 26th.