Grant Application

Keller Family Community Foundation

Applying for grants: General Information for Grant Seekers


Grant Applications Are Always Being Accepted.  (Reviewed twice a year)

Mission of the Foundation
The mission of the Keller Family Community Foundation (KFCF) is to promote and build a resourceful and sharing community by encouraging and enabling local philanthropy.

Aims of the Foundation

  • To support research, education, and informational activities to increase public awareness and to prevent and treat chronic health conditions and diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and depression
  • To promote leadership in the community
  • To build the community’s capacity to improve itself
  • To support opportunities that multiply local benefits
  • To promote social responsibility
  • To encourage a giving culture
  • To promote social justice
  • To develop partnerships and build relationships.

The KFCF will be reviewing Expressions of Interest for funding twice a year to respond to the needs of the local community by making grants to eligible organizations for innovative undertakings which:

  • Seek to prevent, treat, and improve the quality of lives of those living with cancer
  • Adhere to the mission and aims of the Foundation.

What we are most likely to fund
Under normal circumstances, grants of between $500 and $5000 each grant round.

The Foundation welcomes partnerships and encourages applicants to seek funds from a range of sources.

The Foundation will fund

Undertakings which have a benefit to the community

  • Research, education, and informational activities to increase public awareness and to prevent and treat chronic health conditions and diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and depression
  • Innovative undertakings which may not meet the requirements of other funding sources
  • Projects undertaken by/or through groups who have the required 501(c)3 status.
  • Projects which are in keeping with the Foundation’s mission and aims  

What the Foundation is less likely to fund

  • Capital campaigns
  • Ongoing salaries
  • Projects in successive years

 What The Foundation does not fund

  • Recreational or commercial sporting activities
  • Projects for private benefit
  • Projects undertaken by groups who do not have the required 501(c)3 status

If successful, your organization will be requested to

Be available for media purposes as required by the Foundation.

If successful, your organization will be required to

  • Acknowledge the support from the Keller Family Community Foundation in all printed material and publicity, and
  • Provide progress reports as outlined in Conditions of Offer
  • Provide satisfactory project acquittal.




 “Expression Of Interest” (EOI) Form to be completed and submitted to the Foundation for consideration. This is a one-page overview of your project and funding request. The EOI Form can be emailed or posted.

Information that must be included:

  • Brief project description
  • Contact Details (including an email address)
  • Non-profit status  
  • Name and contact number of auditor or treasurer
  • If your funding request appears to meet the Foundation’s guidelines, you will be contacted by telephone and in writing inviting completion of the formal application form.
  • If your funding request does not appear to meet the Foundation’s guidelines, you will be contacted in writing. The Foundation may contact you to discuss alternative funding options for your project.

Please Click ……KFCF_GrantApplicationExpressionOfInterest


(Do not proceed to Step 2 unless you have been invited by the Foundation to do so)

Upon advice that your “Expression Of Interest” meets the Foundation’s guidelines, you will be invited to complete the Application Form

  • Applications must be typed in 12 point
  • Section 2 of the Application Form must be no longer than 4 single-sided letter sheets
  • An original and two copies of Section 1 and Section 2 of the Application Form must be forwarded
  • All questions listed on the Application Form must be completed
  • All applications must be postmarked by no later than the closing date to be eligible for that funding round
  • Hand delivered applications will be accepted at the Foundation’s office up until the closing date
  • No electronic applications will be considered
  • The declaration must be signed by an Executive Officer of the Organization. 

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How your application will be considered

  • Your Application will be acknowledged within 7 days of receipt
  • The Grant Making Advisory Committee will meet to consider all applications and will provide advice to the Board.
  • The Board of the Foundation will make all decisions concerning grants.  

In order to give organizations as much opportunity as possible to successfully apply for our grants, you may be contacted for further information prior to the relevant Advisory committee meeting to consider applications.

Please note that it is not considered appropriate to lobby members of the Foundation or Grant Making Committee personally in relation to your application.

How we will let you know the outcome

  • If you are awarded a grant, we will contact you in writing
  • If you are unsuccessful, we will contact you in writing.  

The Foundation will unfortunately not be in a position to fund every application it receives. It is important to state that an unsuccessful application does not reflect the value of the project, and that many very worthwhile projects may not receive approval.

The Foundation will be pleased to discuss other options that may be available to you in this regard.

If your application is successful

  • You will be required to acquit your project in accordance with guidelines within 2 months of project completion
  • You will be requested to acknowledge the support of the Foundation in all printed material and publicity
  • You may be requested to be available for the Foundation’s media purposes
  • You will be listed on the Foundation’s website.

Postal Address: PO Box 164, Richmond MN 56368
Location: 21621 Co RD 111, Richmond MN 56368
Contact Person: Melissa Ngeno – Administrator
Telephone: (320) 597-3052