Copper Harbor Bridge Goatropers Nickels for Nick and 3rd Grade Class Sts. Peter & Paul School (Granddaughter Olivia standing next to Nick)   January 9, 2010 on the trails in MI. View from the trail in January 2010.    Nick Keller Sled

Sponsorship On SledSponsorships On SledNick with his 2010 RS Vector GT Sled! Larry Kern, Kevin Kern, Lori Evans, and Ron Kern of A&C with Janet and Nick Keller. Larry and Ron Kern of A&C handing over the keys to Janet and Nick Keller.Melissa, Janet, Nick, Carrie, Julie (KFCF Members) KFCF Members (Melissa, Nick, Janet, Julie, and Grandkids) Not Pictured: Carrie KellerOlivia, Zachary, Nicole, Alex, and TylerNick and the Grandkids with the sled.Richmond Parade July 2009