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Friday, March 26, 2010  (1 Month after)

I have just made it back from Australia this week.  I have finally regained my walking strength and my hand can now open and close.  I did a lot of hiking and walking for the last 2 weeks in Australia.  It was painful and difficult at times but I stayed on track with Carrie’s Boot Camp (that is my daughter who got married).  I was able to get in a radio show and a 3 hour magazine interview before I went.  I also have more interviews scheduled now that I am back.  I am attaching a few pictures so that you can see the views in Australia, my hiking (with backpack), and the wedding of my daughter.  You should also be able to view the second episode from Sledhead 24/7 from the link on either the front page or the media page.  Thank you everyone for your continued support and hope to add additional information again soon.  


Wednesday, March 3, 2010  (8 Days after)

I am finally feeling more rested and coming out of the exhaustion.  It has taken a little time to re-bound back, but it is slowly coming.  I am continuing to book radio, newspaper, and magazine interviews along with booking club meetings as well.  I want people to keep remembering the Keller Family Community Foundation and why I wanted to do the 60 day world record attempt in the first place…to help people with cancer.  As the board is just starting out and going to be meeting again soon, we are hoping for anyone with ideas or suggestions on other events/fundraisers to please email our foundation at  We are also open for ideas on how we could include other snowmobile clubs from all different states into a fundraising event as well.  We want to keep the snowmobiling concept ‘helping people’ going.  We want to keep KFCF alive and on people’s minds.  Thanks in advance for all of your support and suggestions!   

Wednesday, February 24, 2010  (1 Day after)

I think all of my energy has finally run out. I am exhausted and think my body was running off of pure adrenaline. I was trying to put my feelings/thoughts on paper for two days and kept falling asleep. But, I slept good at night after Day 60 was over and for most of the day following. Well, I just wanted to fill people in on a few things that have been either thinking about of just random stuff that I have not gotten the chance to write about previously….

  •  Through my journey I have always looked up at the moon which reminded me of a little 3 year old boy named Cole (who passed away from cancer). I got the great experience meeting his father Aaron who wrote a wonderful book that I recommend reading. ‘COLE… I Love You to the Moon and Back’
  • I want to thank all of the wonderful people that I have meet on the trails and along my wonderful journey. It is very true that eveyone knows someone with cancer. And everyone has a story to tell. I have enjoyed speaking with every last one of you.
  • This has been my life obsession for the last 90 days. I have given 110% of myself to this challenge and hope that people enjoyed following along in my journey and that people will continue to help and support people with cancer.
  • The best way to describe to someone how someone can possibly ride for 60 days straight is by having you think of your favorite sport and then do it for 60 days straight and truly put all of your energy into doing it eveyday (do it hard). Can you image yet?
  • Since other clubs won’t let me join since they say I ride to much, I have decided to start my own 20,000 mile club and anyone is welcomed to join as long as you can do it in 63.5 days and show documentation.
  • It has been a great feeling that even through all of the minor repairs to the sled I was helping and getting dirty right along side of the mechanics.
  • As much as I loved to ride the 2010 RS Vector GT, I would hate to ride it and have something happen to it. It stands for millions of families living with cancer.
  • I have to say this is the greatest sled that I have ever ridden on in all of my 38 years of riding. The machines handling and ride was perfect. The sled looks just like the day it left the dealership. I will truly miss riding it. The machine and I grew to be a part of one. So you can see that I have very mixed emotions about the machine and run.
  •  People ask me what I would have done differently. I have 2 things: I would have ridden longer and harder!
  • Well, now that the ride is over can anyone tell me how many times the idle wheels have rotated after 20,131 miles? Or how many times did the track go around before it got a hole in it at 19,594?
  • Also, if anyone has any pictures that they would love to share please contact us or send them on over via mail or email. I am sure the world would love to see them.
  • After putting on an average of 325.1 miles per day for 60 straight days (and 376 miles per day on my last 6 days alone) the sled is now at A & C Yamaha in Paynesville, MN in their show room for all to look at for awhile.
  • I want to thank my 2 little angels (The Leither girls age 4 & 6). They gave me everything they had and gave from their hearts.
  • It was simply amazing how my granddaughter Olivia’s 3rd grade class used the my journey as a classroom project and used it for a learning tool.

Well, I am going to end my blog for the day with that. I still have so much to say, but as you can see my thoughts are all scattered.  🙂  Please do come back, as I will be adding more to the blog as my head clears and my thoughts are more in order. Thank you everyone for such an overwhelming life experience that I will never forget.